Bicheno, Tasmania

A while ago we visited Bicheno, which is situated on the East coast of Tasmania.

Bicheno is a picturesque town famous for its sandy beaches, mild climate and sunny weather.

It is located 185 km north-east of Hobart on the Tasman Highway. The town is primarily a fishing port and a beach resort.

The red lichen coloured rock scape on the foreshore is unique to the east coast of Tasmania, South Africa and Antarctica and makes for beautiful coastal scenery.


Bicheno 1

Bicheno 2

Bicheno 3

Bicheno 4

Bicheno Blowhole 1

Bicheno Blowhole 2

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  1. Excellent photo capturing the great colors from the rocks. I remember taking photos is similar rocks and colors at Victor Harbour in South Australia a few years ago.


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