Hamilton Island ~ Northern Lookout to Island Chapel

We were lucky enough to visit Hamilton Island earlier this month.

Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday’s in Queensland, Australia. A major gateway to the Great Barrier Reef Hold Heritage area, the Whitsunday Group consists of some 74 islands. Many of these are very small and unpopulated.

Immediately south of Whitsunday Island, Hamilton Island is located 25 km south-east of Airlie Beach and 40 km east of Proserpine, in Queensland.

Unlike most islands off the east coast of Australia, Hamilton Island is used almost exclusively for tourism. Initially developed during the 1970’s and 80’s, It has become one of Australia’s most spectacular and sought after holiday destinations.

Porto Del Sol – Hamilton Island

Porto Del Sol ~ at the Northern end of Hamilton Island. Porto Del Sol means ‘Gate of the Sun’.

The MS Europa was visiting for the day and can be seen in the background.

One Tree Hill – Hamilton Island

One Tree Hill ~ the location of ‘Sunset Cocktails’, at 4:30pm daily.

All Saints Church

Non-denominational All Saints Chapel is located amidst tropical landscaped gardens on the hillside overlooking Catseye Bay.  A popular location for Wedding ceremonies, it comes complete with traditional stained glass windows and a bell tower.

All Saints Church, overlooking Catseye Beach

Hamilton Island Chapel

Catseye beach

Catseye beach as viewed from the lawns outside All Saints Church.

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